Tour to Matapica

Welcome to our website about Mata pica!

Welcome to our website about Mata pica. On this site you can find all sorts of information about this piece of nature in Suriname. Then you can book through this website your trip to Mata pica. Unwind at Mata pica! A relax-holiday in the Sun and nature where you also take a delightful walk in the Mata pica nature reserve.

Mata pica is a piece of nature that is located in the Commewijne district. The section in the commewijne district on the coast of Suriname consists of marshland. Mata pica is a stretch of Beach about 40-45 kilometers long that consists of a sand bank between the Atlantic Ocean and the piece of swamp. In this swamp area there are many different types of animals.

There are also many bird species namely: the sabaku (little egret), peligrin (falcon), fisi aka (Osprey) and the kori kori (scarlet ibis). This is a place to Hibernate for most birds. During the sail has you have great chance to encounter the birds. There atractted to the fish.

In addition to Galibi is Mata pica also a beach where turtles lay their eggs. In the hatching season four different types of turtles come to lay their eggs. The green turtle, the Leatherback, olive Ridley and Hawksbill who are rarely spotted.

Below you will find information about the various turtles and throwing the eggs.

The turtles

In Mata pica there are different sea turtles. As the green soupturtle, turtles eat only vegetables but, the olive Ridley (characteristics of this turtle that he eats meat and fish). Also the leatherback (aitkanti) is found on Mata pica. This turtle can approximately become two metres. Because the sea turtle usually lays eggs on the beach where he himself is born it’s possible that this turtle can swim tens of thousands of kilometers to lay eggs.

To find the nests, it can be traced through the turtles by track which they leave in the sand. The track runs from the water to their nest. This track is slowly becoming visible through the changing tide line.

What does the egg roll in exactly mean?

The egg laying by the turtles is a very unique event. It is also very special to be here to witness it.

The laying of the eggs has five steps.

  • First come the turtles out of the water,
  • than the turtles dig a nest in the sand,
  • thensubmit the turtles eggs in the nestt,
  • If this is done on the nest with sand,
  • and the turtles find their way back to the water.

every hatching season a turtle can build about 3 to 8 nests. A nest may contain approximately 60 to 150 eggs. If the eggs are laid they are again covered with sand and the Sun heats them to about thirty degrees. The eggs are laid in the dark, the turtles can be scared of white light.


Would you relax and at the same time, a unique experience? Then you can book your trip to Mata pica. Follow the process of the sea turtle and see from beginning to end, how the eggs are layed, find out more about the origin of these rare sea turtles.